Legalise Vaping Australia, the nation’s largest pro-vaping advocacy body today commended Tasmanian Senator Eric Abetz who will table a Senate Petition to legalise vaping in Australia.

“Thanks to Senator for Tasmania Eric Abetz, our petition to legalise vaping will be presented when parliament resumes. This petition has over 35,000 signatures, and will show our politicians that vaping has changed many lives for the better. We believe it will be one of the biggest petitions to ever be tabled in the Senate.” said Legalise Vaping Australia (LVA) Campaign Director Brian Marlow.

“Presenting this petition to the Senate will finally give vapers a voice in our democracy. Something that they have been denied of time and time again.”

“Every year 21,000 Australians die from tobacco-related illness. It’s time to give Australians consumer access to legal vape products. We have high hopes that when the members of the Senate see this petition, they will place the health of Australians above politics.”

“Senator Abetz has been one of the strongest advocates for Australia’s 500,000 strong vaping community and I would like to thank him on behalf of Australian Vapers for everything he has done to support them.”