The Vapours Dozen

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The Vapours Dozen range is inspired by the flavours of the world. The Vapours Dozen maintain a high quality of juice that meets all the regulations worldwide.

Mutata – purple and green grapes with sour apples.
Sour Apple Laces – fizzy sour apple laces.
Loco Lychee – lychee, mango and guava.
Bongo – apricots, mangos & guava.
Mental Melon – melons mashed with kiwis.
Lemon Meringue Pie – Lemon on a crunchy pie topped with meringue.
Pineapple Punch – Pineapples with a mango and guava.
Banana Milk – Tasty bananas and fresh milk.
Custard Butterscotch – sweet custard and butterscotch.
Starbux – a fresh coffee and frothy cream with caramel.
Strawberry Jam – mashed strawberries.
Raspberry Jam – mashed rasperries.
Blueberry Jam – mashed blueberries.
Blackcurrant Jam – mashed blackcurrants.
Apple Jam Dodger – Apple jam with crumbling biscuit base.
Strawberry Jam Dodger – Strawberry Jam with scrumptious biscuit.
Dark & Stormy – A gorgeous combination of spicy ginger beer and dark rum with a twist of lemon.
Sex on the Beach – A cheeky cocktail of juicy peach, succulent orange, tart cranberries and a shot of vodka.
Mojito – Zingy lime, crushed mint leaves, sweet brown sugar and a dash of rum.

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Mutata-60ml, SourAppleLaces-60ml, CherryColaBottles-60ml, LocoLychee-60ml, Bongo-60ml, MentalMelon-60ml, LemonMeringuePie-60ml, PineapplePunch-60ml, StrawberrySuicide-60ml, BananaMilk-60ml, CustardButterscotch-60ml, Starbux-60ml, StrawberryJam-60ml, RaspberryJam-60ml, BlueberryJam-60ml, BlackcurrantJam-60ml, AppleJam-60ml, RaspberryJamDodger-60ml, BlueberryJamDodger-60ml, AppleJamDodger-60ml, StrawberryJamDodger-60ml, Mojito-60ml, SexOnTheBeach-60ml, DarkAndStormy-60ml

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