Vo2 House Blend Vape Juices

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Product Description

Vapouroxide is proud to present their very own line of juice manufactured here in Australia.

A wide Range of flavours to explore and most importantly providing great flavour at a very affordable prices!

Mixed at 70/30 VG PG.
Available in 60ml Bottles.

Pina Colada
Double Apple
Banana Custard
Jelly Black
Double D
Just Jam
Cream Bean
Salted Caramel
Cool Mint
Raz Twist

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ASP–60ml, PinaColada–60ml, DoubleApple–60ml, BlueRazz–60ml, MelonCandy–60ml, BananaCustard–60ml, JellyBlack-60ml, DoubleD–60ml, JustJam–60ml, CreamBean-60ml, SaltedCaramel-60ml, CoolMint-60ml, Buzz–60ml, RazTwist–60ml, BlackOX–60ml, Shag–60ml, Burley–60ml, Refresh–60ml

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