“The TGA’S decision to implement an October 2021 prescription only model for nicotine vaping is a slap in the face for Australia’s 500,000 vapers who have done the right thing and quit smoking for good.” Said Brian Marlow, Campaign Director for Legalise Vaping Australia.

“At the recent Senate Inquiry into Tobacco Harm Reduction, we heard from public health experts, tobacco treatment specialists, vapers and even frontline health workers who all outlined why a prescription model simply will never work and will drive vapers back to smoking.”

“Yet the TGA has ignored all of the overwhelming evidence and is pushing ahead with a prescription model anyway.”

Legalise Vaping Australia is calling on all pro-vaping MPs to fight back against the TGA’s decision and will be committing all resources towards this effort.

“If my organisation has to mobilise 500,000 vapers against anti-vaping MPs, that’s what we’ll do. The gloves are coming off.”